2017 Film Awards

A big thank you to those who submitted films or attended this year’s festival! Three days, 95 screenings, and 32 Q&A sessions later, here are the top film awards:

Best of the Fest: Selling Rosario
Best Short. Sweet. Film: Moon of Sleepless Night

Best Fiction: That Party That One Night
Outstanding Fiction: Renae
Honorable Mention: Coming to Terms, The Beautifully Drowned

Best Nonfiction: 7 Years of Darkness
Outstanding Nonfiction: The Radical Jew
Honorable Mention: The Call From the Sea, Tea in the Land of Thunder – Field Notes from Darjeeling

Best Animation: I Need My Monster
Outstanding Animation: Coke Habit
Honorable Mention: Refugee Camp, The Owl and the Lemming

Best Local Film: Draw Hard
Outstanding Local Film: Make America Great Again
Honorable Mention: The Silence of War, One on One

Best Student Film: Burn
Outstanding Student Film: Marc Chung Protects His Address
Honorable Mention: The Frontier, The Bop Stop

Best International Film: The Painter
Outstanding International Film: Normal
Honorable Mention: Cradle, Best Before End…

Best Horror Film: The Vanity
Outstanding Horror Film: Earworm
Honorable Mention: Dead Worries

Best LGBTQ Film: I’ve Lost My Taste for Yogurt
Outstanding LGBTQ Film: French Kiss
Honorable Mention: It Gets Better?

Best Experimental Film: Faux Solo
Outstanding Experimental Film: Once Upon a Dream
Honorable Mention: The Chain, News from the Sun

Best Screenplay: Grandpa’s Getaways
Outstanding Screenplay: Doctors Without Boundaries
Honorable Mention: The Lift