Drama: Dramatic, fictional narratives

Comedy: Comedic, fictional narratives

Documentary: Nonfiction narratives

Animation: Animated films of all genres

International: Any short film made outside of the United States (can also apply to any other corresponding category)

Student: A film that meets any listed category but produced while the filmmaker was a student

Local: A film of any category produced in Northeast, Ohio

Short Series Pilot or Episode: A film/episode that is either a pilot for a series or an episode in a series

Environmental: A film/episode that brings attention or awareness to the environment

Horror: Horror based, fictional narratives

LGBTQ: A film of any category that focuses on LGBTQ topics

Experimental: A film of any category that is experimental in style

Music Video: A short film based on an existing song

Fan Fiction: A short film of any category or genre built in an existing universe based on a film, comic book, television program, web series, novel, short story, graphic novel, or any other medium

Animal Film: A short film centered on or about animals

Virtual Reality Film/Project: A film, project, or games of any category that is virtual reality based

Short Screenplay: A short, narrative screenplay of less than 40 pages of any genre